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Brown Family

William Brown b.? in Scotland married Olive ? b.? in Scotland.
William immgrated to America about 1823. I have found a William Brown on a Ship's List from Argyll, Scotland but it doesn't state who his wife is, but I am almost certain this is our William because the year of immgration is the same year in which John was born. 


John James Brown b.6/30/1824 in Onslow Co. NC d.6/13/1875 in Onslow Co. NC married 


John James William "Billy" Brown b.6/30/1824 in Onslow County, NC d.6/13/1875 in Onslow County, NC married (12/26/1845) ¹Emily Canady b.9/11/1823 NC d.6/13/1861. And later married (4/2/1863) ²Eliza Catherine Hill

John was a Farmer, clergyman, and a mechanic

Medical records state that John died of a ruptured appendix with pertontis? and 6 hours after a right pulmonary embolus?

Children ¹:
James Christopher "Kit" Columbus Brown
William Thomas Brown Sr.
John Eward Green Brown
Jesse Louis William Brown
Joseph Duncan "Dunc" Brown
male Brown

Children ²:
James "Jimmy" Owen Brown
Hozea Brown
Olive Brown
John Brown


James Christopher "Kit" Columbus Brown b.12/6/1846 in Onslow County, NC d.4/8/1932 in Sneads Ferry, NC married ¹Alice Gronto b.?, married ²Lucretia (Aunt Lucreshy) Gillette b.?, married ³Nancy Jenkins b.?

"Kit" was a farm laborer, Cooper Ferry operator in Sneads Ferry, NC.

Children ¹:
Bryant Christopher Brown

Children ²:
Louie Brown
Viold Brown

Children ³:
Ruth Brown
John Thomas "Johnny" Brown
Lewis Brown


John Thomas "Johnny" Brown b.7/18/1883 in Onslow County, NC d.6/17/1965 in Wilmington, NC married (4/19/1904) Alice Gertrude "Gertie" Pollard b.10/10/1887 in Onslow County, NC d.10/11/1979 in Wilmington, NC.

Edna "Muah" Gertrude Brown
Garland LaRue Brown
Norman Osley Brown
Milton Jennings Brown
Irving Shelton Brown
Nina Ruth Brown
Herschal Raeford Brown
Harold Thornton Brown


Edna "Muah" Gertrude Brown b.11/15/1906 in Onslow County, NC d.3/4/2001 married Franklin Benjamin Hewlett b.7/27/1902 d.1/1976

Emory Lee Hewlett Sr.
Jean Hewlett
Linda Hewlett
Arthur Rae Hewlett


Emory Lee Hewlett Sr. b.4/26/1929 d.9/6/1990 married Letta Lee Wallace b.2/14/1931 d.5/22/1985

Emory Lee Hewlett Jr.
Michael Lee Hewlett
Bonnie Hewlett
Rick "Ricky" Hewlett
Peggy Hewlett


Emory Lee Hewlett Jr. b.7/18/1949 married Lauren Elaine Williams b.6/24/1950

Angela Kristen "Kristie" Hewlett b.7/8/1968
Heather Lynn Hewlett b.6/23/1971
Laura Olivia Hewlett b.7/25/1973
John "Johnny" Wallace Hewlett b.7/12/1976
Mary Elizaeth Hewlett b.2/7/1979
Michael Lee Hewlett b.1/25/1981