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Family Photo Album

Welcome to my family photo album. Located within this page, you will find various photos of my family members. If you find that you have a connection to my family and have a photo you would like added on here please forward it to me. my e-mail address is

Click on the names below to view the pictures


John Archer Williams

Linwood & Christine Coker Williams

Linwood Williams

Williams Family
(From l to r: Lauren, Lynda, g-ma, g-pa, Joey)

Lauren Williams
(Momma and my cousin Kecia circa. 1967 wilmington, NC)

Lauren and children
(From l to r: Heather Hewlet, Laura Hewlett, Kristie Hewlett, Momma, Michael Hewlett (in lap), Mary Hewlett, Johnny Hewlett circa: 1983)

Linwood Williams & Kids
(Linwood Williams and from l to r: Joey, Lauren, and Lynda Williams)

Christine Williams and Kids
(Christine Williams, Lynda beside Christine, Joey and Lauren)

Minnie Lee Williams


George Wright Coker

Stephen Jones Coker

Coker Family
(from l to r: Dale Coker, Christine C. Williams, Bobbie C. McKeithan, Johnny Coker, Dot Coker's son Charles "SonnyBoy" Stokley)

Christine Coker

Dorothy "Dot" Coker
(Dot is right front row, Unsure of who the rest of these people are)


(Baby Picture circa. 1922)

Dot Coker and 1st husband Charles Stokley

Dot Coker and 2nd husband Monroe Carter

Dot and Monroe Carter

Dot Coker

(l)Christine (r)"Dimples" Doris Coker

Lucy Thelma "Sister" Coker

Artie Mae Coker

Coker Family
(back row l to r: Artie, Mary Elizabeth Hales Coker, Thelma; front row l to r: George, Christine, Dot)

Stephen Jones Coker


Della Blanche Marshall


Emory Lee Sr. & Letta Lee Wallace Hewlett

Emory Lee Hewlett Jr.

Emory Jr. and Grandkids
(From l to r: John D. Cain Jr. Trey P. Cain, and Angela "Angel" Hewlett)

At Fort Fisher
(From l to r:back row, Kristie Hewlett, Heather H. Cain, Emory Hewlett Jr, John "johnny" Hewlett, middle row: LaShell Hewlett, Laura Hewlett, front row: Trey Cain, John Cain, and Angel Hewlett)

Johnny Hewlett and family
(Tabitha, Johnny, and Kacey 2001)

Family Photo
(Emory, Lauren, and Kristie Hewlett circa. 1970)

Hewlett Kids
(Back row: (l)Heather, (r)Kristie, Johnny, Laura)

Laura Hewlett and her girls
(Angel Hewlett in Laura's lap and Brittany Hewett) Michael Hewlett
(l to r: John Cain, Heather Hewlett, Trey Cain, Michael Hewlett, Michael Cain in stroller)


Laura Gertrude "Tinny" Hales
(Tinny and Charles Stokley)


Letta Lee Wallace Hewlett


Olivia Little Wallace
(Nanny holding Michael Hewlett circa.1981)